Horace & Susie Revels Cayton Scholarship

A tuition award of up to $2,500 for a minority student pursuing a public relations career.
Scholarship applications are due May 15 of each year.


This scholarship was established in 1992 in memory of Horace and Susie Revels Cayton. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Caytons were editors of a popular political newspaper, The Seattle Republican. In later life, after publishing Cayton's Weekly, the couple turned their publishing expertise into a public relations business and were likely Seattle's first minority public relations practitioners. Each year the chapter seeks to recognize a minority student from Washington who demonstrates academic achievement, a desire to practice public relations and financial need. 


  • Minority status – African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino American, Native American, Pacific Islander
  • Interest and aptitude in public relations demonstrated by courses taken, activities and/or internships
  • Full-time sophomore or junior in the past academic year pursuing a career in public relations who will be a full-time junior or senior during the coming academic year at a Washington state college or university (Washington state students attending college out-of-state also may apply if they graduated from a Washington high school or have a parent who currently lives in Washington state year-round.)
  • Academic achievement
  • Financial need (FAFSA not required)
  • Have overcome barriers in pursuit of personal or academic goals

AnneMarie Ladlad
"The Horace & Susie Revels Cayton Scholarship eased my financial burden during my senior year when my tuition costs had reached an all-time high. The scholarship also confirmed my desire to pursue a career in public relations despite any obstacles that may result from my identity as a Filipino American woman."

— AnneMarie Ladlad

Applicants must include a certified college transcript with the application. Please allow time (1-2 weeks) for your college or university to process transcript requests. Scholarship funds will be paid to the appropriate university department and credited to the recipient. See the application form for more information.

Take special care to review your application to assure it is complete and error free. Your application will be reviewed by public relations professionals and will be held to a high professional standard. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

For more information, contact the PRSA Puget Sound Office:
206-623-8632, or prsa-scholarship@asi-seattle.net

Horace and Susie Revels Cayton Scholarship Past Winners

  • 2017 not awarded
  • 2016 Stephanie Cheng, Western Washington University
  • 2015 Thomas Nguyen, University of Washington
  • 2014 AnneMarie Ladlad, Seattle University
  • 2013 Holly Martinez, Seattle University
  • 2012 Shouhei Senno, Seattle University 
  • 2011 Maria Alauddin, Gonzaga University 
  • 2010 Raquel Marcelo, Washington State University
  • 2010 Deziree Teague, University of Washington 
  • 2009 Michelle Tanaka, University of Washington
  • 2008 Nina Huang, University of Washington
  • 2003 Ashley North, University of Washington
  • 2001 Hope Evans, Washington State University
  • 2000 Lilian M. Ngatunyi and Alvie McNair, University of Washington
  • 1999 Amabel Narvaez and Katrina Tyrrell, Western Washington University
  • 1997 Rowena Wong, University of Washington, and Michelle Caballero, Western Washington University
  • 1996 Ginny Cheng, University of Washington
  • 1995 Heather Follings and Lisa Chiang, University of Washington
  • 1994 Sukjoon Sung, University of Washington
  • 1993 Billie Washington, University of Washington
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