Sally Heet Memorial Scholarship

A tuition award of up to $2,500 for an outstanding student pursuing a public relations career.
Scholarship applications are due May 15 of each year.


The Sally Heet Memorial Scholarship was established in 1986 in memory of a former member and good friend of Puget Sound PRSA. Sally Heet was a longtime Seattle-area practitioner and graduate of the University of Washington School of Communications. At the time of her death on April 16, 1986, she was working in Washington, D.C., as press secretary to U.S. Sen. Dan Evans. Heet was one of the most influential press secretaries on Capitol Hill, self-possessed, confident, professional. She was the victim of a senseless act of violence at her residence in D.C. This annual award is presented to an outstanding public relations student from a college or university in Washington state.


  • Interest and aptitude in public relations demonstrated by courses taken, activities and/or internships
  • Full-time Washington state sophomore or junior in the past academic year pursuing a career in public relations who will be a full-time junior or senior during the coming year at a Washington state college or university
  • Academic achievement

Applicants must include a certified college transcript with the application. Please allow time (1-2 weeks) for your college or university to process transcript requests. Scholarship funds will be paid to the appropriate university department and credited to the recipient. See attached application form for more information.

Take special care to review your application to assure it is complete and error free. Your application will be reviewed by public relations professionals and will be held to a high professional standard. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

For more information, contact the PRSA Puget Sound Office:
206-623-8632, or

Sally Heet Memorial Scholarship Past Winners

  • 2017 Catherine McCool, University of Washington
    and Samantha Chapman, Washington State University
  • 2016 Audrey Klackner, University of Washington
  • 2015 Hannah Gorlick, Seattle University
  • 2014 Taylor Winslow, Washington State University
  • 2013 Natalie Beaulieu, Seattle University
  • 2012 Sean Fraser, University of Washington 
  • 2011 Emily Nauseda, Seattle University 
  • 2010 Elena Caldwell, University of Washington
  • 2010 Stephanie Burger, Central Washington University
  • 2009 Cassandra Little, Seattle University
  • 2008 Katherine Dreke, Western Washington University
  • 2007 Jana Lindsey, Washington State University
    and Kailey Tollefson, University of Washington
  • 2006 Kjirsten Kennedy, Pacific Lutheran University
  • 2005 Mariam Bergerson, University of Washington
  • 2004 Molly Fortin, Central Washington University
  • 2003 Kristi Aamodt, Gonzaga University
  • 2002 JoAnna Hix, Washington State University
  • 2000 Alicia Gilb, Gonzaga University
  • 1999 Michelle England, Pacific Lutheran University
  • 1998 Susannah Hooper, Pacific Lutheran University
  • 1997 Sara Portzel, Pacific Lutheran University
  • 1996 Lisa Treadwell, Pacific Lutheran University
  • 1995 Kristi Kitely, Western Washington University
  • 1994 Julianne Pagel, Pacific Lutheran University
  • 1993 Liz Tunnell, Pacific Lutheran University
  • 1992 Stephanie Hudson, Gonzaga University
  • 1991 Paul Kirk, University of Washington
  • 1990 Tina Swanneck, Washington State University
  • 1989 Roger Nyhus, Washington State University
    and Vicki Stevens, Western Washington University
  • 1988 Sarah J. Kelly, Washington State University
  • 1987 Sheri Lynn Pace, Washington State University
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